All about the 2021 Creator Labs Google Photography Grant

Photography is an uncommon art. It is the object that first represents beauty. Placed in a space, photography adds a decorative touch to places. Moreover, it is also a reproduction of a material object, a person, a place or from an imagination. After the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has set up a charming initiative to promote photography. What exactly is it about?

The basics about Google's grant to photographers

Photography is a huge input for the search engine. All searches are also displayed through images allowing some to understand and others even better. Subsequently, to the emotions that photography can inspire, Google has decided to award twenty (20) best photographic artists. You can browse around this website to learn more. As a result, a team has been put together to represent the Creator Labs Photo Fund. The name says a lot about the importance Google places on the world of photography. They chose a powerful group such as the "Aperture editors" to evaluate the images and select the winners. It is important to note that the images were selected for what they emit and especially for the uniqueness of each presentation. The selected were therefore proclaimed so recently winners with a support amounting to 5,000 dollars.

A Selection based on authenticity

The images above all are also communication tools. They all necessarily express something. What is most wonderful is that the freedom is offered to the one who scans them a vast field of imagination and understanding. Thus a single photo can inspire several interpretations. This is also one of the criteria that favored the choice of the recipients. The diversity of each shot, the character, the nature, the novelty and especially the choice of the photographed objects counted a lot in the selection characteristics. The Aperture team is proud to be part of such an experiment. It thanks Google for the consideration and especially encourages such initiatives for new opportunities. Especially for the promotion of time-lapse photography.