All about the new Mexican tax: visitax

With the aim of financially optimizing the tourism sector in Quintana Roo Mexico, the state created in April 2021 a new tax. It is a tax that now applies to tourists over the age of 4, in Mexico. What do you need to know about this tax?

What does the visitax consist of?

It is important to know that the new tax is mandatory. Thus, the exit from the country is validated on presentation of proof of payment of the tax. Visitax as expressed in the name of the tax, is exclusively a visitor's tax. As previously mentioned, the tax is only valid in the Quintana Roo territory, because it includes enough tourist places (Cancun, Puerto, Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel and Puerto Aventuras) that attract foreigners. To get your visitax, all you need is a valid passport, a credit card or a Paypal account and an email address. Within minutes, a confirmation message is sent to the email address. However, you should keep a copy of the visitax payment confirmation code with you.

How and where to get the visitax

The payment can also be made online even before going to Quintana or once you arrive there. There is a specialized site to provide the document securely. You will simply have to fill out the application form that is offered on the platform, entering essential information such as names, age, passport number and a valid email. The e-receipt is delivered only at $38 to the email address, just 1 hour after registering the information on the platform. Depending on the availability of the visitor, he can also make the payment at the airport of Cancun and Cozumel. Apart from the visitax receipt, which is a reform of 2021, no document is imposed on anyone in relation to COVID 19. However, the tourist may be denied access to certain places. The visatax is therefore for the time being the mandatory tourist document.