Chatbot: everything you need to know about using this tool on social networks

A chatbot, otherwise known as a conversational agent, is a computer program that can automate conversations on specific topics. To this end, to be closer to consumers, it is recommended to have a chatbot, because it reconciles scaling, speed and personalization. That being said, what should we know about this new communication technology :

Why use chatbots ?

Because time is money. In this context, chatbots present themselves as a very powerful tool. To do so, chatbots address two key aspects for consumer satisfaction: time and comfort. Chatbots, whether they are on social networks or not, are able to accomplish more and more technical tasks. To better understand, click this link now. Chatbots are therefore tools with artificial intelligence at the service of customers. From now on, they can be used for different tasks such as facilitating a sale or making a payment, providing customer service every day or increasing engagement on social networks. Indeed, chatbots are able to interact with customers and prospects at any time. Not to mention that they are also able to simulate a conversation like a human being. However, the goal of chatbots is to improve the user experience by helping them solve a problem, order a product or direct them to the appropriate service.

What can chatbots be used for ?

Reactive, the chatbot provides an immediate response and an available service when needed. This frees up time so that your employees can focus on other tasks offering greater added value. However, a chatbot gives your customers and prospects what they want, how they want it and when they want it. Chatbots in this sense, can streamline your sales, customer support, business operations and marketing. Basically, any conversation in your business that leads to more sales, engagement and customer satisfaction, a chatbot could do and at a large scale. Properly programmed and effectively integrated for discussions, using a chatbot can be beneficial for your business as well as your customers. Finally, you can customize it as you wish so that it best represents your company. Finally, you should know that a chatbot is an affordable investment. For this purpose, social networks offer their own chatbot services. This is a great way to further engage customers, increase traffic to your page and increase your sales.