Creation of an international company : why choose ICD Fiduciaries ?

You dream of having an internationally renowned company. You don’t know who to entrust with the creation of your company. Read this article for more information on the steps to create a company with ICD Fiduciaries.

Focus on ICD Fiduciaries ?

ICD Fiduciaries is an accounting firm created in Great Britain in 2006 and is responsible for several matters including the creation of international companies and the opening of company bank accounts. It also manages international tax optimization cases thanks to its staff of lawyers and accounting experts based in London and Hong Kong. You can invest in real estate at ICD Fiduciaries. He offers you a flat-rate quote on the basis of operations that he provides « turnkey ». You receive an English invoice with the wording of the fixed services. You do not receive any information, reservations, conditions or others.

Procedure for setting up an international company with ICD Fiduciaries

With ICD Fudiciaries, your dream of creating an international company is realized. It is very simple and easy for you to take possession of your company. That said, there are steps that should not be trivialised. First of all, an interview with ICD Fudicaries on your project is essential. ICD Fudiciarie has always favored dialogue with these clients. This exchange allows him to know in depth the project of your company to be created and to know in what perspective he will go about it. After the interview, ICD Fudiciarie presents you with well-detailed and personalized quotes.

Then, ICD Fudiciarie will receive your file when it is ready and it will then proceed to the creation of a bank account for your international company because it is necessary. A company without a bank account is likely to be mismanaged or risk bankruptcy. An international bank account allows you to travel beyond the environment where your business is based. With ICD Fudiciaries you do not need to worry about a possible rejection of your file for the opening of the account. Thanks to its relations and its expertise in this field, your request is validated.

Finally, ICD Fudiciaries accompanies you in the smallest details on your company by giving you more detailed information on the documents which consisted in the creation of your international company.