How to determine the quality of a handpan ?

The quality of a handpan is not always easy to hear but also to perceive when you begin in this new art. If you are ordering online, be sure of the vendor who makes your instrument for you. Choose sites with soundtracks. Otherwise, go to a store, so you can better see what condition the handpan is in. Discover in this article the points allowing you to determine the quality of a handpan.

Tuning, the first factor

The tuning was mentioned first because it is undoubtedly the most important detail when choosing this percussion instrument. If you want to discover handpan in Finland, check out the site. Indeed, without a good tuning, it will be difficult for you to obtain a magnificent sound. Generally, 2 harmonics (the octave and the fifth) are tuned within the same note. Obviously, when you’re just starting out, it’s hard for you to judge the proper tuning of a handpan. It is therefore wise to seek the advice of an expert. He will be able to locate you.

Manufacturing, a very important point

The manufacture of the instrument is also one of the most important points. Ask yourself this : how is the instrument you want to buy made ? Is it designed in an artisanal or industrial way ? Another question is also to ask where it was made. Many people do not trust craftsmen outside the EU, perhaps for fear of the lack of competence of foreign craftsmen. However, this is not really a criterion to be taken into account. If the craftsman does his job well, then no matter where he is, he deserves to be trusted. Obviously, if you order a Chinese, American or Russian handpan, pay attention to customs fees and import VAT. You might be surprised. The other factor you still need to bet on is price. The price can actually give you an idea of the quality of your instrument. But beware, a poor quality handpan can also sell for €1500 or even €2000. So don’t just rely on that. It is best to seek the advice of experts in order to avoid the worst.