How to install solar pool heating?

When the weather is bad and the cold is increasing, diving into a swimming pool as we are used to is not without its chills. Faced with this situation, which makes us sad every year, we think of installing the solar heating system, which is very ecological and less expensive. However, you have to know how to install it. This is what this article is about.

Solar collectors

A solar pool heating system is essentially made up of solar collectors. In general, there are two types of solar collectors. One in the form of a solar mat that can be moved around at will; the other as a rigid panel that is fixed in one place. In reference to their name, solar collectors are elements that use solar energy to heat the pool water to a temperature compatible with the human body. Then, for more details read review.

The pump

Generally, swimming pools are equipped with pumps that ensure their filling. The same is true for solar heating. In fact, the solar heating pump draws water from the pool and passes it through the solar collectors through the filter. The solar collectors then heat the water and return it to the pool, ready for bathing. All this is thanks to the filter placed at the mouth of the pump, which rids the water of any waste that might block its passage.

The installation area

Due to the safety of the users, the heating system should not be installed anywhere or in any way. The solar mat can be deployed near the pool, of course, but not in a place that users often visit. Also, for normal operation of the equipment, the solar collectors must be placed in a place where the sun's rays are permanent. This can be done by installing them on top of the pool as a roof or on the roof of the nearest house so that they receive at least 6 hours of sunlight.