Installing an above-ground pool: the simplest way to go about it

Having a swimming pool at home contributes to well-being. It allows you to do swimming exercises and relax your muscles and nervous system. However, the installation of a swimming pool is still not an easy thing. This is what has led to the development of another alternative. This is the above ground pool which is less expensive. Follow the steps below to install an above-ground pool.

Prepare the land

It is a plot of land, a space that must house the pool. This is the important site. It is therefore necessary to prepare the land. The first thing to do is to study the location or the ground. The ideal setting for an above-ground pool is one that is spacious, sunny and close to your house.  Avoid areas littered with roots or stones, sandy or clay soil. However, it is important to choose a stable and flat location. A concrete slab can be used as a base for the other equipment.

Building and securing the base

The base is the primary, if not fundamental, element for an above-ground pool. A poor base means a poor installation of an above-ground pool. This is not without serious consequences. To make your base, you must first define the radius of your pool with 30cm more, delimit and clear the area to be used, turn over the ground and level it. The next step is to pour a layer of sand on top and smooth it out.

Assembling the pool parts

The next step is the assembly of the pool parts. This step allows you to take stock of the parts and find out if anything is missing. It is therefore essential to assemble all the parts of the pool before assembly to avoid any unpleasant surprises. If you have all the parts together, then start the assembly by following the instructions carefully.

Installing the walls and filling the pool

The last two steps to complete the installation of the above-ground pool are the installation of the walls and the filling of the pool. For the installation of the walls, start with the inner grooves. Be careful not to use a percussion gun or any kind of sharp equipment that can damage the walls. After that, move on to filling. Fill the pool with water, but take into account how much water it should contain. The use of a hose is good for being faster.