Offshore Hosting : definition and usage

As a website owner, the term offshore hosting (or offshore vps) should sound familiar. It is simply the practice of making use of server located elsewhere in the world (not in your country) in other to host a website. This process grants specific benefits to anyone making use of this hosting method. In other words, any website hosted on a foreign server is therefore engaged in offshore hosting. This hosting method is not done automatically, it is done deliberately in order to acquire specific advantages that a server in your country may not grant.

Why make use of an offshore hosting?

One might wish to offshore his web hosting for various reasons. Most of the time the reason is related to privacy and anonymity in other to use the potential of your website to the fullest with less restriction and more security. That been said, not all offshore hosting grants the privacy and anonymity you seek. What makes a good offshore host ranges from the commitment they make to assure your privacy, to the ability to make bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions possible. Setting aside few obvious restrictions (child pornography, human trafficking, weapons deal, etc) that are to be applied and followed you can basically do anything after hosting your website on a foreign server. Visit our website if you wish to find out more about offshore vps.

What are the major advantages of offshore hosting?

This method of hosting a website protects and gives you freedom from government intrusion. Its advantages are numerous and makes the website activities more profitable for the owner. Other than the anonymity and privacy you get offshoring your website, it also provides more exposure of your website. With the government not intruding on your activities, the profits and benefits you make from the website remains private. Another major advantage is the independence of cyber laws, that may be applied if you were hosting a website in your country but does not apply in case the website is hosted on a foreign server. Furthermore, it allows you to have a foreign database for backup available in case you’ll need to regroup some important information you may have lost for one reason or another.