What can we know about the progress of Netflix?

Nowadays, it is easier to follow live TV series on the internet. It is the same way that you can find all the saved series on the internet. Netflix is the best streaming platform to follow theatrical movies as well as all other genres. What is the process of progression of Netflix to the present day?

A global view on Netflix

First of all, Netflix is a website dedicated to broadcasting television series and movies. It is a platform that plays free streaming programmes. Thanks to all these performances and qualities, the platform has registered more than 200 million subscribers by the end of 2020. Netflix is a site that has a lot of influence on other sites in the same sector. It is then in the top 10 of the best companies on the internet. The netflix stock site offers you several TV series. From 2002 to 2021, after the admission of Netflix to the stock market, it attracts several large investors in the world. The business model and the power to satisfy users also interest more. On the other hand, Netflix did not get to this level overnight. It has had its ups and downs.

The essentials to know about Netflix's progression to success

You have to start with the beginning of things. Indeed, Netflix was born on August 29, 1997. But that was just for mail order DVD rentals. It was the year after that that the site went live. But now it is for the rental and sale of DVDs. In the 2000s, the company faced economic problems. This led it to go public. It managed to relaunch itself. In 2007, the site launched the live streaming service. In 2010, it was possible to follow Netflix on smartphones. It was not until 2016 that the download functionality was added.