What is the Erowz platform ?

Erowz is an online store for used items and products such as vehicles, smartwatches, home, fashion accessories and thrift stores. It is also a platform dedicated to research, online offers and also which allows you to sell your articles as mentioned above. Find out in this article what the Erowz site is all about.

How does Erowz.com work ?

eRowz is a personalized search engine that absolutely tunes real estate listings, cars, connected accessories, and products to get unstructured data. For more information, visit https://www.erowz.no Indeed, the data acquired is aggregated in a database and finally to allow visitors in real time according to their preferences, to learn about the offers available on the platform.

Products available on eRowz

However, in terms of product categories, the eRowz platform remains focused on fashion and accessories, but is gradually exploring real estate, especially in France. Every day, people upload millions of products, cars and homes. The products are sold in bulk and in boxes (sale of used cars, which can happen quite quickly). This data is aggregated, analyzed and compared to enable users to buy at the best price. All this is done thanks to the algorithm developed by the company and its employees.

Selling new products

In addition, it is a site which eventually launches into the sale of new clothes and accessories. It is important to point out that eRowz has very recently opened branches in Cambodia and Catalonia, which will be notably in charge of marketing and support for, respectively, the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking markets. 

In short, EROWZ is a start-up which is developing a web portal for second-hand products. With its search engine and advanced features, it allows you to quickly find the best deals among the millions of classified ads available on the internet.