What is the main purpose of the passenger location form ?

Nowadays, everyone wants to go on vacation and it is important to protect yourself from any risks while traveling. If you want to spend your vacation abroad, you will have to fill in a tracking form. In Italy and in other countries of the European Union or not, the filling of a tracking form is mandatory to travel and stay in the territory. In the following lines you will discover the main purpose of the passenger tracking form.

The main purpose of the passenger location form

Filling in the passenger tracking form helps different countries and national authorities to know the itinerary of passengers when they are using a means of transportation, such as: airplane, bus, boat and train. It allows them to be contacted in case of need. The tracking form has been implemented to be able to follow each passenger who is in a country during his stay. Passenger locator form can be filled out online or in person.

The information that the tracking form contains

There are several pieces of data that must be submitted when filling out the tracking form. As mentioned on the European tracking forms, these are: personal information, travel information, contact information, means of transportation, permanent address, recent accommodation, travel companions, temporary address, emergency contact information for a loved one. You will get a QR code after filling it out, you will present it when you arrive at your final destination.

Countries covered by the location map

There are several countries inside and outside the European Union that require you to fill out a tracking form. The forms for some European countries have been consolidated into a European portal; this is the case for Italy, Slovenia and Malta. For other countries that require this form, such as Spain, Greece, England, etc., please consult the national websites of each country. It is also possible to find this form on the website of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. This site provides further practical information before you choose to leave and stay abroad.