What you need to know about home insurance

Insurance is a means for the insured to manage risks and to receive assistance from the insurer in the event of a loss. Home insurance is one of the insurance contracts that people must take out, whether they are tenants, owners or co-owners. What should one know then about this type of insurance contract in order to take out a suitable contract?

The obligation of home insurance

Home insurance is the insurance intended for private homes and their annexes. The main purpose of this insurance is to cover the premises, their contents and the civil liability of its occupants. For more information, a recommended reading on the specifics of this type of contract will provide more details. Indeed, home insurance is mandatory for tenants and co-owners. The obligation of insurance for co-owners is limited to the civil liability towards the co-ownership, the neighbours and the possible tenants. Home insurance mainly protects the family assets. But most insurers offer comprehensive insurance (MRH). This is a type of policy that covers property damage and the insured's civil liability.

The process of taking out a home policy

To take out a home policy, the organisations you can turn to are: insurance companies, general insurance agents, brokers and banks. Since the rates for taking out insurance vary from one company to another, you can contact several agents to compare their proposals. The insurance proposal must include an information sheet on prices and guarantees, a copy of its appendices or a detailed information sheet. Thus, the documents must indicate The applicable law and the bodies to be referred to in the event of a dispute; The limits of cover; And the conditions for triggering cover for liability contracts (triggered by the harmful event or by a claim).