Why opt for an online wedding invitation ?

Over time, the wedding scene has evolved and grown significantly. While some trends have come and gone quickly, others have had and continue to have a relevant impact. The online wedding invitation is a trend that is following the movement. Discover in this article why the online wedding invitation is the ideal option.

A purely practical alternative to the environment

You are probably wondering why you would want to make an online wedding invitation. The electronic wedding announcement seems to be the most practical alternative to the distribution of wedding invitations, in addition to being one of the most popular wedding trends of recent years. Paperless wedding invitations are available online. Therefore, they are environmentally friendly and can help reduce paper waste at weddings. For example, the average French wedding has around 100 guests, and the country hosts over 10 million weddings every year. Imagine the amount of waste paper generated. All this is supported by an electronic wedding invitation, by designing your poster on android or IOS, you will save time.

Email invitations are easy to share

It is very simple to share an electronic wedding invitation. Most systems incorporate simple sharing functions, which allow you to send the wedding invitation via WhatsApp, email or other social media. You can also save the invitation in JPG or GIF format and send it to your guests. In comparison, labeling and mailing paper birth announcement invitations is a huge waste of time and money. With electronic invitations, you have a wide range of choices. You don’t have to choose or use traditional-looking invitations. There are many alternatives for modern, traditional and other themes. You can also create animated invitations in GIF format. The possibilities are limitless.

Electronic invitations are profitable

One of the most significant advantages of electronic wedding invitations is their low cost. An Internet wedding invitation costs less than 7 €, while the same amount paid for a luxury card only allows you to obtain 5 invitations. There are a few motivations behind why electronic wedding ceremony invitations are cost effective. Advance requests are generally free. However, having an electronic wedding invitation to save money doesn’t mean you have to ditch paper altogether. Most couples use computerized solicitations for a few items of their writing materials, such as invitation cards, registration cards.