Why use colloidal silver for dogs and cats ?

Several studies have proven that colloidal silver is effective in curing several pathologies in animals: dogs, cats, fish, birds... Colloidal silver can therefore be used to treat several diseases, regardless of the breed and species of the animal. Discover in this article, the circumstances in which to use colloidal silver.

Purifying the skin and cleaning wounds

Colloidal silver allows you to clean and also disinfect your pet's wounds, even if they are on mucous membranes. It also allows to be able to purify the skin, while coming to the end of warts or even, certain fungal infections. You can find on this site your colloidal silver dog to maintain your pet. It is important to remember that colloidal silver is a very effective external antibacterial, it eliminates toxins, germs and bacteria. To learn more, try this.

Soothe the skin

Colloidal silver is used to soothe both redness and itching of your pet's skin. In addition, it helps to soothe and repair the skin with a burn. It is important to remember that colloidal silver stimulates healing. It has several other benefits on the skin, as it helps to clean the area, relieve and finally stimulate healing.

Help with insect bites

It is not uncommon to find that dogs and cats are bitten by flies, mosquitoes or even sometimes, for the curious little ones, by wasps and bees. This can lead to scratching and sometimes to infection. Here too, Colloidal silver is effective in cleaning and providing good relief from insect bites, even tick bites.

Sanitizing the pet's environment

In addition to body care, you can use colloidal silver to sanitize your pet's environment as well. You can use it directly to clean his basket, crate, carpet, blanket or even certain toys, such as stuffed animals. If your dog or cat often uses the sofa or your bed, you can also use colloidal silver.